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Sat, Oct. 30th, 2004, 06:57 pm
An Englishman's Concert

Jamie Cullum concert = AMAZING/INSPIRING experience. First off, the concert was a total blast. Jake Shimabukuro rocked the ukulele (a small four-stringed guitar popularized in Hawaii) for about an hour and it was so much fun. He didn't sing, but he could sure keep one watching. I never knew such beautiful melodies could come from such a small instrument. After he left everyone in awe, it was time for old Jamie to play. The anticipation was so great and when the lights went out, the crowd went wild. He started by playing "These are the Days" to get the crowd going and kept everyone jumping and hollering for the next two hours. He played almost all of the songs off his current album as well as some covers. He even poked fun at Ashlee Simpson by singing the "Pieces of Me" chorus. After the show, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime by being given a chance to meet him. His entourage pulled me and my friend from the crowd and invited us to his tour bus. I was able to chat with him awhile and get him to sign my poster. He then asked me if I was a musician because I looked like I played and instrument and he told me I had a good voice. Oh yeah, he had heard me singing on the way to the bus. I think I was singing a Gavin Degraw song, my bad. Anywho, he was awesome. He invited us to hang out with him after signing and talking to us but we had to leave because my friend Monica was really sick and had been puking all night. Maybe next time,haha. All in all, it was a fantastic concert. So amazing that I now have a horrible case of PCD (post concert depression). I get it after every amazing concert because I know that I will not be able to experience that level of happiness/feel of infinity for a long long time.

Mon, Oct. 25th, 2004, 03:26 pm

I just received some exciting news that almost made me pee my pants. Next week there will be a marathon on the Disney Channel showing all three Halloweentown movies. How FUCKING exciting! I don't know about all of you, but I have been watching the movies ever since they first premiered in 1999. As a matter of fact, the movies have become somewhat of a tradition in my household. Instead of going out to a crazy party or haunted house, my family would all have family night and watch the Halloweentown movie that was showing. Since the marathon begins next Saturday morning at 11, I will have both time to watch the films as well as attend the crazy parties/haunted houses. HELL YEAH! Other than my excitement at being informed of the movies being played next week, not much has happened. I went to dinner at Chipotle with Steph, Marci, and Jon last night and then accompanied them to see Team America. It was funny, but by no means life-changing or inspiring. I am so excited about this next week because on Friday I will venture over to Austin with my friend Monica to see Jamie Cullum in concert. I am really looking forward to it and cannot wait to sing along to his music. Then two weeks later, Jaime is coming up and we are going to see SWITCHFOOT. I am so stoked. Other than the two concerts, I will be going camping for a weekend with a few friends that I've made here and hope that it will be a great bonding experience for us all. I will be fishing for the first time in my life and I cannot wait! My dad never took me fishing as a youngster so I'll be making up for lost time. Since I am test free for the the next week and a half, I believe I'll keep it really chill tonight. Maybe rent Son-In-Law and have some fun that way. It's about to rain really hard so I will leave now to watch the rain pour from the sky fromt the comfort of my balcony. Lataas.-ADRIAN.

Sat, Oct. 16th, 2004, 01:00 am

The one movie that I highly recommend everybody check out this year is 'The Motorcycle Diaries'. More than just an intimate look at the impressive journey of a young Che Guevara, it is a tale of self discovery and extreme passion. I have raved about many films over the past few months, but none compares to this one. It is extremely well written combining both comedic relief with beautiful poetic excerpts. It is also one of the most visually stunning films I have ever had the privilege of seeing. So beautiful is the cinematography that it transports one from the lonely seat in the theatre to the middle of the Incan ruins in Peru. It is the type of film that really makes me feel sorry for those eagerly awaiting the release of a crap movie like 'Shall We Dance?'. Enough rambling for now. More will come later.

Tue, Oct. 12th, 2004, 11:21 pm

I really like my new icon. I was kind of tired of the old Jude Law one so I decided to replace it with a GARDEN STATE one. I have three tests next week and have yet to begin studying for any of them. I know I will be stressed out this weekend but oh well. I made Rice Krispy treats and no one wants to eat them with me. I guess i'll just have to pig out on them by myself. I have a craving for chocolate milk. Lataas.

Wed, Oct. 6th, 2004, 03:51 pm

I want to be hermit and just remain alone in my apartment. I have gotten myself involved in so many things now that I barely have enough time for myself. I have meetings to attend for the Pre-med society, volunteer events for different area events coming up soon, appearances I have to make at social gatherings, and concerts lining up as each week comes up. The concerts are totally my doing, but they still require careful planning and sorting of the schedule. I have exciting news that made me almost pee my pants from excitement last night. Jamie Cullum aka Britain's newest jazz singer/songwriter sensation is having a show in Austin and I will be attending. I love his CD and have heard that he is FANTASTIC live. His concert is later this month and I cannot wait. Hmmmm...other than the recent accumulation of all the different things I have to do, I have a plethora of dirty clothing that needs to be attended to ASAP and I have many tests, lab sessions/reviews coming in the next week as well. I want a vacation. That is all that is going on right now and I will update if anything more interesting comes along.-ADRIAN.

P.S. Kerry/Edwards '04!

Sat, Oct. 2nd, 2004, 01:41 am

The first step to telling my parents about my change of plans has commenced. I spoke with my mother yesterday and explained to her that I no longer want to pursue a career in the medical field. She questioned what it was that I wanted to do and I told her that I still wanted to take some courses that interested me and find out that way. I told her that these courses were Foreign Film and History of Film, so I think she got the point. She told me that she would speak with my dad and help convince him, but for me to not completely give up on my sciences. I think that is a pretty fair trade for now. Below is a song from the amazing film 'American Chai'. I am posting it because I feel that it goes along with what I have been experiencing recently. I highly recommend that everyone rent it. It is very similar to the story of my life, except that the main character is Indian.


With whom is your peregrine
Your parents can navigate
See and assimilate
From the wealth of their experience
It's devoid of chagrin
Regardless of circumstance
Their presence will dominate
No need for deliverance

Back to the joy you once knew
The love inherent in you
In Between Blue

Do you think your mind is a curse
While you settle in normalcy
Talk to yourself and pacify
And use the wealth of your experience
Believe that you're built to last
Your army of thoughts will march
Cross the boundaries of who you are
And don't be limited by your past

Back to the joy you once knew
The love inherent in you
In Between Blue

Be careful when it gets warm
Be able to touch the ground
In the eye of the storm you'll be
The tempest will have been experienced
Now you can close your eyes
And remember when you were a child
How simply your eyes were wide
Realize that nothing has changed

Back to the joy you once knew
The love inherent in you
In Between Blue

--Aalok Mehta

Sun, Sep. 26th, 2004, 01:16 am

I am torn. I really want to tell my rents that I want to change my major but don't know how they would take it. As many know, film/screenwriting has become my ultimate passion over the last year and a half. I have spent all my time at movie theatres and rental stores trying to soak up all the magnificent cinema available to me. I have developed a love for critiquing and telling stories. I want to drop this whole pre-med thing and pursue my dreams of working in the film industry. I want to apply to UT's film school and hopefully do some work there. Then I want to live the life of the struggling artist, living only to develop and improve in my craft. Ah, I don't know how I'm going to tell them that my interests steer me in a different direction from the one they want me to go in. Help/advice is greatly appreciated.-ADRIAN.

Thu, Sep. 16th, 2004, 01:01 am
It's been awhile since I did a survey, Yuppee!

1) Starting time: 1:02
2) Full Name: Adrian
3) Nicknames:Adriancin, Adriancito, Papucho(mommy calls me that), Fezz, and someone actually started calling me COHEN which is so cool.
4) School: UTSA for now.
6) Eyes: dark Brown
7) Height: 5'10 3"4
8) Siblings: Daniel, David, and my half sis Sherry
9) Ever been kissed: yup, but I'm not as much of a man hoar as many think
10) Have you been cheated on? can't say i have
11) Ever missed school because it was raining? Once last year. Partly because it was raining, partly because i was feeling lazy
13) Kept a secret from everyone? yes yes, i've gotten pretty good at it.
14) Had an imaginary friend? I believe I may have...i think i just called him E.T.
15) Wanted to hook up with a guy/girl friend? sure have.
16) Cried during a flick? never flat out cried but i have gotten teary eyed. Gosh I love Mandy Moore in 'A Walk to Remember'
17) Who is your "star crush"? Mandy Moore/Keira Knightley/Natalie Portman
18) Ever thought of animated characters as hot? April O'neal from the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles...so hott right now.

19) Drink: Rasberry Tea/Dr. Pepper
20) Food: My aunt's Mole...I could chow down on that stuff all day long
21) Restaurant: Marcello's in NYC/Sweet Temptations back at home
22) Shampoo: Whatever is in the shower...right now it's Fructis
23) Color: BLUE. Any shade except extremely light shades of baby blue. But BLUE is my favourite.
24) Summer/Winter? Winter. There is something so fun about being in all these sweaters,jackets,scarves,etc.
25) Phone or online? depends who i'm talking to
26) Lace, silk or satin? I really don't know the difference, so i'll say silk cause i have silk sheets somewhere back at home.
27) Like anyone? kind of had my heart crushed recently. not to worry..i've got my eye on a lady more fair than the one i previously fancied
28) Who have you known the longest out of your friends: that's a toughy. Oh, I know. Scarlett and Lauren. I knew them when I started high school and they have remained close friends ever since.
29) Who's the loudest? hmmm...Steph can be loud. So can Victor but I don't see him much anymore...wait...Laurent(the Canadian) is def. the loudest. That crazy Canadian can run his mouth for hours on end.
30) Who's the shyest? Nicole the most. Steph can be shy as well
31) Who do you go to for advice? different people for different things. Usually grandparents for those 'future life decisions' kind of advice
32) Who do you get along with? all of them.. that's why they're my friends!

---------IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS HAVE YOU------------
33) Cried: nope
34) Been mean: i have actually been very nice...and when i have been mad, i've been very diplomatic
36) Been sarcastic: oh, all the time
37) Been yelled at: probably.. yes...but i don't remember by who
38) Talked to someone you have a crush on? yeah, saw her earlier today at school. gosh she is so beautiful. too bad she's not to smart up there.
39) Kissed someone? nope. i've been a loser for the past two weeks by staying in my cozy little apt. on party nights...well i kissed marci on the cheek, does that count?
40) Hugged someone: Yes.
42) Wished upon a star: na, but i do feel like reflecting on my balcony after i'm done with this.
43) Laughed until you've cried: oh yeah...i do that a lot
44) Played Truth or Dare: nope, that game is so juvenile to me. i refuse to play it
45) Watched a sunrise/sunset: watched a sunset from my balcony earlier today
46) Are you happy? happy happy, ecstatic. couldn't be happier
51) Are you talking to someone online? Nope.

-----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN...------------
52) God/Devil: Yup.
53) Love: I most certainly do
54) The Closet Monster: when I was little. I used to think that Cookie Monster was going to come out and wake me up and ask me if i wanted a cookie. The thought of that traumatized me for life.
56) Heaven/hell: In a weird kind of way I do.
57) Superstitions? I try not to be, but sometimes I can't help it.
58) Glass half empty or half full: Full, I guess.
59) Who named you? My dad/mom. I don't think they really thought all that hard considering my name is my dad's reversed. He's Brian Adrian and I'm Adrian Brian.
60) Favorite quote: "Sometimes, it all still feels like a mass of dots. But more and more these days, I feel like we're all connected. And it's beautiful, and funny, and good."
61) When was the last time you showered? tonight
62) What was the last thing that you said when u were online? VIVA MEXICO!
63) what is right next to you? my checkbook and my study guide for my test next week
64) What is your computer desk made of? Wood I think.
65) What was the last thing that you did? talked to some people online
66) Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Eastern Europe
67) Where do you want your wedding? On an old school plantation home in Louisiana with some good ole southern hospitality and cajun cooking.
68) Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? People who make me laugh and feel loved
69) How's the weather? cool, breezy
70) What did you do last night? Absolutely nothing. Watched TV and spoke with people online
71) Thing that you find attractive about the SAME sex? easy goingness and ability to understand my point of views when it comes to my girl probs.
72) How do YOU eat an Oreo? i no like oreos. i like chips ahoy.
73) All time favorite TV show: there are so many. Everwood/The O.C./Six Feet Under/ Entourage/Sex and the City/Iron Chef/ Real World/Sportscenter/Tru Calling/One Tree Hill
74) Dream vehicle? an Audi SUV if they ever made one,lol.
76) Favorite music: Acoustic Rock and Hymns from Epic movies like Troy and Gladiator.
77) Favorite band? Switchfoot! I can't wait to see them again!
80) Favorite day of the week? I'd have to say Saturday. It's such an easygoing kind of day.
81) Animal? doggy/koala/panda
83) If you could change your name, what would it be? Tyler or Preston
84) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? nope, i stopped after 1st grade
85) The most stupid thing you have ever done: asked if i should dial 911 on my cell phone by pressing 210-911, since i was in the 210 area code.
86) First Son's name? Tyler Jacob or Brooklyn Matthew. Haven't decided yet.
87) Husband/ Wife name? Mandy Moore,lol.
88) First daughter: Madison Alexia or Adele Makenzie.
90) You like scary or funny movies better? neither. i like really weird, out of this world films that in some way relate to a normal person's life.
91) On the phone or in person? In person. I like eye contact.
92) Lust or Love: Lust is fun, but love has more to offer.
93) If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? My calves. I have none.
94) Pets? I have a kitty and I want another doggy. I also eventually want to have a sugarglider
96) Who sent this to you? I stole it from my sisters LJ
97) Do you have any regrets? One or two dumb makeouts I could have done without
98) Your favorite song? right now? Alejandro Sanz-No Es Lo Mismo
100) What are you doing this weekend? Rents are coming to visit and I have three tests next week. Studying and visiting. Oh Joy!
101) You finished at what time: 1:36. I took a chocolate milk break.

Fri, Sep. 10th, 2004, 12:37 am

Jon: What is it that we want?

Bobby: All of this man. We just want this whole noisy, beautiful world, and everything that can happen.

Those two lines are some of the most memorable, beautiful lines to ever be included in cinema, at least in my opinion. That conversation is one that takes place between the characters Jon and Bobby in the indie film 'A Home at the End of the World'. I went to see the film for the second time and the night before it was to be taken out of theatres in San Antonio. I can honestly say that this is a standout among the recent batch of indie films to hit my beautiful city. Better than the fact that I was able to see this incredible film once more was the fact that I was the ONLY one in the theatre. I was able to relax, put my feet up, and not have to worry about the guy three rows back who always happens to have the most horrendous cough. I can't recommend the film enough. It was simply mind blowing. Steph told me that her second cousin Vive knows the author of the novel which was the inspiration for the film and who is also the screenwriter for the movie. I would be thrilled if I had a chance to meet Mr. Cunningham and get him to sign a copy of the novel that I am soon to purchase. Alright, besides watching incredible films, studying hard for school, and working out every night, not much more is going on. I'll update some more later.-ADRIAN.

Sat, Sep. 4th, 2004, 01:43 am
La Felicidad

La musica de Alejandro Sanz junto con un poema de Pablo Neruda es para mi la felicidad.


Eres tanta gente, que dime
con quien hablo ahora
¿no veis que no sois iguales?
¿eres la de: "quédate conmigo,
prometo darte tormento, darte malos ratos..."?
yo te prometo, si me escuchas niña, darte arte
que no es lo mismo que:
quédate y ya veremos
quédate y ya veremos

No es lo mismo ser que estar
no es lo mismo estar que quedarse, ¡que va!
tampoco quedarse es igual que parar
no es lo mismo
será que ni somos, ni estamos
ni nos pensamos quedar
pero es distinto conformarse o pelear
no es lo mismo... es distinto

No es lo mismo arte que hartar
no es lo mismo ser justo que ¡qué justo te va!... verás
no es lo mismo tú que otra, entérate
no es lo mismo
que sepas que hay gente que trata de confundirnos
pero tenemos corazón que no es igual,
lo sentimos... es distinto

Vale, que a lo mejor me lo merezco
bueno, pero mi voz no te la vendo
puerta, y lo que opinen de nosotros...
léeme lo labios, yo no estoy en venta

Vale, que a lo mejor lo merecemos
bueno, pero la voz no la vendemos
puerta, y lo que opinen de nosotros...
léeme lo labios, a mi me vale madre

Puerta y aire que me asfixio,
que no se trata del lado que quieras estar
que estar de un lado o echarte a un lado... verás
no sé como decirte, no es lo mismo,
vivir es lo más peligroso que tiene la vida
que digan por televisión
que hay suelto un corazón
que no es igual
que es peligroso... que es distinto

No es lo mismo vasta o bastar
ni es lo mismo, decir, opinar, imponer o mandar
las listas negras, las manos blancas... verás
no es lo mismo
no gana el que tiene más ganas...
¿no sé si me explico?
que hoy nadie quiere ser igual
que mas te da,
no es como un "ismo"... es instinto

Vale, que a lo mejor me lo merezco
bueno, pero mi voz no te la vendo
puerta, y lo que opinen de nosotros
léeme los labios, yo no estoy en venta

Vale, que a lo mejor lo merecemos
bueno, pero la voz no la vendemos
puerta, y lo que opinen de nosotros
léeme los labios, a mi me vale madre

Tengo pomada pá tó los dolores
remedios para toda clase de errores
también recetas pá la desilusión

Tengo pomada pá tó los dolores
remedios para toda clase de errores
también recetas pá la desilusión

--Alejandro Sanz

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